Family of Precision Machining Companies

HPG Trimaster

We are a leading diversified manufacturer of high tolerance precision machined components and assemblies.

We offer a single source solution for precise, high-quality, flexible and on-time manufacturing to top-tier customers globally.

  • Precise
  • Flexible
  • On Time
  • Quality
Customer Delight Through Lean & Speed

Case Study Number 1

Drawings and RFQ received 08/03/2012
Parts quoted 09/03/2012
PO Placed 13/03/2012
Parts Delivered 30/03/2012

A major defence manufacturer needed to deliver a military system to their customer by 4/15. The delivery of these systems were being held up by 5 machined parts that were scheduled to be delivered to our potential customer for 4/15. As the systems needed to be delivered to the end user on 4/15, our potential customer was going to be late.

Trimaster was approached on the basis of our world class performance for lead time to see if we could support them. Not only were we able to meet their delivery date of 4/6, we accelerated the delivery to supply parts 1 week ahead of schedule.

Case Study Number 2

Drawings received 26/07/2012
Parts quoted 09/08/2012
PO Placed 21/09/2012
Parts Delivered 03/10/2012

A potential customer had a critical need to support their end user with an assembly. When their customer arranged a visit inside of their typical manufacturing lead time to view the initial assemblies, Trimaster was able again to not only meet the tight requirement but beat it ensuring our potential customer had sufficient time to prepare in order to delight their customer.

End Markets

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