Precinmac supplies uniquely designed machine parts to the specifications of our customers. Our diverse industry experience and wide range of products exhibit the level of quality and value we offer.

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We offer medium to high-complexity components ranging from fuel control housings to hydraulic and mechanical actuators. We also offer turnkey product management process that helps direct every aspect of the production cycle – from materials sourcing and engineering through to assembly and packaging.

From aircraft and land vehicles to night vision hardware and advanced weaponry - we give today's War Fighters and Peace Keepers the advantages they need on the battlefield and homeland. We offer variety of components and assemblies in support of combat & weapons systems for organizations with broad portfolios of defense related products.

Our experience in supplying critical machined parts to Oil & Gas customers has earned us a reputation of excellence within this market. You can rely on our expertise in machining critical tolerances, complex geometries and exotic materials such as titanium including Beta-C Titanium, Inconel and K-Monel.

We are one of the premier industry suppliers in the world for complex turbine components. We manufacture a vast array of blades, buckets, impellers, nozzles, vanes, rings and discs in quick turnaround times while maintaining the highest possible tolerance.

We provide services to many high technology companies within the Commercial Industry. Markets such as Printing, document handling, industrial automation and digital projection require not only precision machined components, but also value-added services such as kitting, assembly, electromechanical test and diagnostics, concurrent design, BOM management, and Rapid Prototyping. Our versatile skills and a willingness to invest toward achieving a customer's objectives, has made us their manufacturing partner of choice.

Our extensive experience supplying precision machined components for vacuum applications in the semiconductor industry has allowed our team to become experts in the finishing, cleaning, testing, and handling of items for semiconductor equipment manufacturers. We offer clean room assembly and integration services, often in a sole source relationship.

Located in Guelph, Ontario; Trimaster is the one source, one responsibility supplier for customers who demand tight tolerances on complex, medium volume components.


Located in South Paris, Maine; MMP boast of a 65,000 SF state-of-the-art facility, containing the latest in CNC and multi-axis machines and precision inspection equipment.


Located in Oakville, Ontario; HPG is one of the premier industry suppliers for complex turbine components.


Located in the heart of a precision manufacturing cluster of businesses in Chicopee, MA; Hoppe Technologies operates a modern, 40,000 square-foot; climate controlled manufacturing facility, running on a 24-hour, 7-day-a-week basis using lights-out automated production capability.