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HPG Trimaster

We are a leading diversified manufacturer of high tolerance precision machined components and assemblies.

We offer a single source solution for precise, high-quality, flexible and on-time manufacturing to top-tier customers globally.

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Customer Delight Through Lean & Speed

Complex Geometric Machining

5-Axis technology allows HPG to manufacture the most difficult geometrical components efficiently with only one operation. Our 40 pallet MAM-72 is equipped with the latest control technology, 120 tool rack, and a 12,000 RPM spindle with feeds on A, B, X, Y, & Z axis averaging 350 inches per minute. As a result, this machine can run unattended for long periods of time, thus improving efficiency and product cost.

HPG is committed to our 5-Axis manufacturing capabilities to better serve our customers' requests for complex geometrical machining. Coupled with state-of-the-art equipment, we have pioneered specific production procedures that enable us to truly be, a cut above the rest.

Electrical discharge machining

Over the years, HPG has proven that EDM is a superior method of manufacturing complex components. EDM machining produces components at much higher tolerances than traditional manufacturers, and with substantially improved turnaround times by eliminating the delays caused by the production of form cutters.

HPG's ingenuity has led to superior technical proficiency, and the creation of hybrid production processes (patent pending) used for various components. These processes enable HPG to consistently maintain 'recast layers' at below 8 microns.

Our wealth of manufacturing experience has led to the development of proprietary finishing techniques that substantially eliminate recast.

These results have established EDM as a superior method of manufacturing. To date, HPG boasts one of the largest EDM production cells in North America that includes;

4 AGIE Classic 2 Wire EDMs (submerged)
1 AGIE Progress 2 (submerged)
1 AGIE Wire EDM (non-submerged)

Horizontal and vertical Milling

HPG's technical proficiency and equipment enable us to mill difficult parts and materials at high speed and volume in a quick turnaround cycle. To ensure that all our processes and procedures are of highest quality, HPG uses high-end 3-Axis and 4-Axis equipment to manufacture difficult shapes at high tolerances rapidly.

Quick turnaround is achieved through our fleet of 14 machines combined with the pallet changers to produce large volumes of product in minimal time frames. This is an ideal set-up for servicing customers with large production runs or quick turnaround demands.

Our milling proficiency allows us to machine at feed rates in excess of 300" per minute and produce products that require no finishing due to the high quality milling surface provided by our equipment.


Turning compliments our manufacturing capabilities, allowing HPG to ensure our products are not compromised by inferior sub-contracting. In addition, HPG can provide quicker turnaround on products requiring turning operations such as impellers, disks and IGVs.

Our desire to control the turning process is a reflection of our commitment to maintaining the highest possible quality standards and quickest turnaround of your product. We are capable of turning 25" diameters and 30" lengths at our manufacturing facility.

CMM Inspection

CMM Inspection

HPG utilizes a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) in order to maintain the highest possible manufacturing tolerances available in the marketplace today.

All measurements are taken in a temperature controlled, precision inspection laboratory held at 20 °C / 68 °F, thereby reducing thermal expansion error. Measurements are taken with a Browne & Sharpe global image 7-10-7 with a SP600 scanning head.

Our measurement equipment is fully integrated with PCDMIS for Windows; the most widely used 3D inspection software in North America which includes the Blade inspection package "Blade Runner".

HPG is committed to our inspection process, and has 20 years of combined experience from our in-house staff.

Part Digitalization

Part Digitalization

HPG is capable of building a 3D model from our inspected geometry. Once a model has been built, the component can be manufactured.

This is a tremendous benefit for customers with older parts that have no 3D model data and have become damaged. HPG has a proven track record in this area for providing dependable results and fast turnaround. In most cases, we are able to re-supply damaged parts in less than a month.

HPG is an important element for large prominent customers who require parts for their critical applications in emergency situations. Contact our sales department to learn how we can help you when the time crunch is on.

Quality Control

Quality Control

Customer satisfaction depends mainly on the quality of our products and services, which are the keys to our competitiveness and shall remain so, for years to come. Our goal at HPG is to use our quality management system to do an excellent job, the first time, every time.

To ensure that our quality management system will continue to provide a solid foundation for success, it is essential that we continually improve our system and related processes.

HPG embraces a process approach to management by identifying and managing the "process" in our company, and the interaction and handoffs between these processes.

Currently, HPG has implemented a Quality Management System that exceeds the requirements of ISO and is Registered to ISO 9001:2000.

End Markets

End Market
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