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HPG Trimaster

We are a leading diversified manufacturer of high tolerance precision machined components and assemblies.

We offer a single source solution for precise, high-quality, flexible and on-time manufacturing to top-tier customers globally.

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  • On Time
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Customer Delight Through Lean & Speed
Precision Machine


Hoppe Technologies provides customized, turnkey engineering support for our customers. We are committed to helping you enhance your designs for manufacturability – saving you time and money. Every part is processed using Solidworks® and reviewed by our skilled team of engineers before release to the shop floor and the highest standards of document control are always maintained.

In addition to our engineers, our programming team is another excellent resource. Utilizing Vericut® CNC simulation software, our programs are tested and perfected in virtual space before we begin machining parts – this ensures quality and predictability right from the start. As part of our programming process we use Mastercam.

We offer a full range of capabilities including:
  • Design for manufacturability
  • Manufacturing optimization
  • Statistical Process Controls
  • Concurrent engineering
  • Documentation that is compliant to our AS9100C:2009-01/ISO 9001:2008 standards
  • Process review prior to the release to the shop floor
Elastomer Moulding


As a complement to our world-class precision machining capabilities, we also have complex assembly and sub-assembly services available. Our Kanban-based mechanical assembly area is fully staffed and ready to assemble any of the part we make. We have established strong partnerships with supporting services in our area as well – this means from start to finish we can complete your most complex projects.
Sheet Metal Fabrication and Metal Finishing


Hoppe Technologies utilizes Veri-Cut verification software to prove out our programs in virtual space. That means faster set up, more accuracy and we continue production while verifying programming. Bottom line; shorter lead times and increased predictability!

Hoppe Technologies has a fully staffed Kanbanbased mechanical assembly area. We assemble the parts we make and have established strong partnerships with supporting services in our area.


Maine Machine Products offers clean room assembly and integration services. Our 3,000 sq. ft., Class 1,000 clean room is a state-of-the-art hard wall facility providing the ideal environment for complex, sensitive and high-level electro-mechanical assemblies. Our team of highly skilled technicians is capable of handling your clean room assembly needs.

Our cleanroom is capable of performing a variety of functions, including:
  • Assembly of complex machined assemblies
  • Assembly of sensitive purchased components
  • Packaging of devices and implants
  • Label printing
  • Welding of sub-components and implants.
Value Added Assembly Work


For us, quality assurance isn’t just a department - it’s something that’s built into everything we do. We maintain the highest levels of quality throughout our facility and are AS9100C:2009-01/ISO 9001:2008 certified. Parts are inspected throughout production, both on the shop floor and in our Quality Department. We utilize the latest inspection technology, including two Zeiss CMM machines and our Integrated Verification System. You can rest assured knowing that when you do business with us, you’ll be receiving the highest possible quality precision parts and components.

Value Added Assembly Work


Hoppe Technologies’ Integrated Verification System (IVS) allows us to inspect parts in process and ensures quality throughout production. This proprietary, award-winning technology allows our machinists to view live reports on displays located on each machine while simultaneously storing the data on our company’s network. Even better, our system is automated, allowing for lights-out manufacturing – saving our customers time and allowing us to keep our prices competitive.

Value Added Assembly Work


In today’s competitive market, you need a partner who will work with you from concept through production and who has the capabilities to get job done right.  Our modern, 40,000 sq. foot, climate controlled facility boasts 24-7 lights-out production capabilities and we employ over 60 highly skilled machinists.  We are committed to offering our customers the latest manufacturing options and continually reinvest in the best technology available.  We are an ideal single-source solution for close tolerance fabrication, machining & finishing of alloy, specialty alloy, and composite materials.

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  • Grinding/Super Precision Envelope

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